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March2013 Posts

Cloud Accounting With QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software that assists in organizing financial data. Tasks such as invoicing, bookkeeping, billing and reporting financial data are made more efficient and easy. QuickBooks is now offering cloud based accounting services. This will assist in the management of your online accounting activities, it makes the sharing of data easy, secure, back-up […]

Using Cloud9 IDE To Develop And Debug Code From The Cloud

Cloud9 IDE is an online integrated development environment that is cloud based. Having your code online makes it accessible from anyplace thus one can work more efficiently. Collaboration with team members on a project is made easier. A full list of features is available here. Several programming languages are supported. I will be covering setting […]

Building And Hosting a Google App Engine Application

Google app engine abbreviated as GAE is a cloud computing platform where web applications are developed and hosted in data centers managed by Google. Multiple servers are used to run an application. Automatic scaling of the applications is offered by the App Engine. In case there is an increase in the number of requests for […]

Registering for Amazon Web Services and using the EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Service

The Amazon Web Services is a bunch of web services. These services together form a cloud computing platform accessed over the Internet. For a full list of services and products offered click here. The home page is at http://aws.amazon.com You need to sign up for an account. You will require a valid email address. You […]

Cloud Storage Using Dropbox

CLOUD STORAGE This is the disk space that third parties make available over the internet to users. Large storage space is availed at low costs. I will focus on Dropbox since it is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms available in the market. DROPBOX Dropbox offers file hosting services. This includes file synchronization, […]

Setting up an application using django and requirements

Prerequisites Python Pip Virtualenv Installing Python Ubuntu comes with python installed. To install python on windows, install from the official website to get the latest version. Use the “Windows Installer” link from the home page. An MSI package is provided for download which is manually installed by double clicking the downloaded file.  This installs to […]

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