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Cloud Storage Using Dropbox

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This is the disk space that third parties make available over the internet to users. Large storage space is availed at low costs.

I will focus on Dropbox since it is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms available in the market.


Dropbox offers file hosting services. This includes file synchronization, client software and cloud storage. It offers a service where a user creates a special folder on any computer he/she uses.  Dropbox will then synchronize with all folders that the user creates such that all folders are identical in the contents they hold regardless of the computer used to view. The files that are placed in the folder are also accessed through the Dropbox website and mobile phone applications.

Dropbox users are offered a free account which has a set storage size. More capacity comes with a paid subscription. Desktop client offers no restriction on size of file uploaded. For upload via the website, a maximum file limit upload size of 300MB is set.

To use their services, you have to sign up from their homepage at www.dropbox.com.

Creating an account is free. You need a valid email address.

You will also be required to download a Dropbox app. Choose the download depending on your operating system from here.

Install the application and run it. Since we have an account we check the second option and click on next to proceed.

This opens a page that requests for the credentials of your account i.e. the email address used and password for your account.

You will then be prompted to choose the plan you intend to use. I will use the free plan. Upgrading can be done later depending on the size of storage required.

Additional settings for the application. I will use first option which is the custom recommended settings. We can change afterwards if required to.

Takes you through a tour of your special Dropbox folder and how to use Dropbox.

Tour 1: Shows the location of the special Dropbox folder

Tour 2: Access files from any computer via the website

Tour 3: Shows the Notification icon

Tour 4: You can share folders with other people

Tour 5

After you click Finish, a notification pops-up which confirms a successful linking of your special folder in your Dropbox account. Dropbox now keeps your files synchronized automatically.


It also opens the special Dropbox folder where you will be dragging and dropping items into. Any file can be dropped here for photos, docs, and videos.

Now let’s test by dropping an image into the Dropbox folder. I will open the photos folder and drag an image from my computer into the folder.

Visit your Dropbox homepage https://www.dropbox.com/home

From here, you will be able to view all contents same as the special folder on your local machine. Now I will go to my photos and see whether my image has been uploaded.

And there it is, automatically synchronizing to keep all folders same.

Drop box also has support for mobile devices: www.dropbox.com/mobile

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  • MatthewLPeters

    Dropbox is worry free online backup service because Dropbox is continuously running on my computer. So if I save any files into Dropbox are instantly backed up securely to Dropbox’s servers. Anything can be restored to a previous version in the Dropbox folder. For that reason Dropbox is very essential for us. Sharath your tutorial is great for a new Dropbox account creator and following your instruction every new user can open a Dropbox account easily.

  • CarolKSimons

    Quality content has always been the go-to suggestion, and it’s looking like now more than ever this is becoming amazingly prevalent. Sharath I really appreciate your article. I stick a folder of JPGS in the default “Photos” folder but one thing can you suggest me how I will share this photo with anyone who has no Dropbox account?

    • sharathreddy

      If you stick a folder of JPGs in the default “Photos” folder, Dropbox will automatically turn it into a gallery. As a result you can share a link to that specific folder for anyone to see even if they don’t have a Dropbox.

  • NancyMFusco

    Usually I use Dropbox to store my most frequently used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalogs. This way as long as the images themselves are on my file server and I can go to any computer and work in Lightroom on the same files/catalogs. Though many advantages of Dropbox many users does not know how they use and set up this free service. Well done Sharath Reddy.

  • RichardATittle

    Sharath you are right we can place our file in the folder through the Dropbox website and mobile phone application. We know that Mobile devices have limited space. But with the iOS Dropbox App installed I can access anything in my Dropbox folder whenever I need it without downloading the file on the iPad’s internal storage. As a result bless of free Dropbox App I can not feel any problem while I’m away from my computer.

  • DonaldWScott

    Sharath always your article has been knowledgeable and educational. Sometime I face a great problem that I can’t remember passwords for various programs. For that on my Mac, my various programs passwords are set within my keychian file. I can move my file easily into my Dropbox folder and create a symbolic link back to where it should be. With this system now the keychain passwords work as usual, but are synced between my home and work Macs.

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