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Cloud Storage With Justcloud

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Justcloud offers storage of files online enabling access from anywhere and at anytime as long as there is an internet connection. Justcloud services offered include unlimited storage, automates the upload and storage, encrypts file during transfer and enables access of files on local computer remotely via the justcloud website. Click here for a full list of the services. The homepage is at http://www.justcloud.com .

Click on Sign Up to create an account and get access to the services offered. You can also create an account by filling in the form with the preferred username, a valid email address and the account password.

An email is sent to your account with a link that takes you to your account dashboard when clicked.

After clicking on the “create an account” button, a download page loads. You will be required to download and install the justcloud application that will assist in the upload of the files to the cloud. The download may start automatically requiring you to save the .exe file.

If it does not, click on download App to launch the download manually. Justcloud has support for Windows (2000, XP, Vista and 7) both 32 and 64 bit, Linux and Mac OSX 10.5+. Also on Blackberry, iPad, iPhone and Android

An installation wizard opens when the downloaded package is installed. This will guide you through the installation process.

Clicking on install button starts the installation. It also downloads any files that may be required by your system to run the application.

After installation complete, it loads a page where you are to enter your account’s credentials in order to link your computer to your account. Make sure you remember your credentials as you cannot get access to the application without valid once.

A welcome page loads.

You are then prompted to backup everything in my Documents Folder including My picture, Documents and Desktop folders or select specific files to upload to my cloud storage. I chose the second option. It loads a dialog where I choose the folder I want backed up which is Pictures folder. Then click on save changes and click next to proceed.

It then retrieves settings for your account

And the backup process begins

You can also upload by drag and dropping a file on to the interface after choosing drag & drop tab.

The My Files tab opens the browser and loads the account dashboard. Notice the picture folder has been backed up.

You can also drag and drop files on the browser to upload.

There are two plans one can sign up for; the free home account and the business premium account. Features accessible with each account are listed below.

To upgrade to business choose one of the many premium business plans. Click here for quick launch to preview the plans offered.

You can customize on the number of computers you want to sign up the plan for and how much space you require. Just use the sliders to select the capacity desired. It will calculate and display the charges per month for such a plan. Billing Address and payment methods will be required to sign up for these plans.

Cloud storage is recommended for a number of reasons. Among them include: cheap for large volumes of storage space; security of data is guaranteed; most of the backup process is automated; automatic syncing of files is done for local and remote files; sharing and collaboration is made easier with files in the cloud; offers a reliable backup alternative. Other cloud storage providers include Dropbox, zipcloud.

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  • McSwainLBrian

    I am really impressed with the restore function. Recently I accidentally removed a file and I can’t imagine what happened. But in a few clicks it was back with me by the bless of JustCloud works .My files are constantly backed up and I can access them at any time from any place of the world by logging in to the JustCloud online control panel. Sharath your analysis are quite right that’s what we are the best in the current world .

  • WJohnGriggs

    Hello Sharath I have several videos of my son’s hockey games. Some are just over 3 GB for the SD quality and some are over 5 GB for the HD quality. What online backup service would you suggest that would be comparable to JustCloud but not have a file size limit?

    • sharathreddy

      Thanks for your comment, which gives me kind of a community feeling- I like that! Those home videos can get quite large! I do have a collection myself (some I mean from 8th grade where we shot a little high school movie) for those I have my local backups and then transfer those to Backblazw: http://www.cloudbackuping.com/backblaze-online-backup-review/
      Backblaze is a superb service, to which does not have a file size limit. They once had a 9 GB limit but got rid of it.
      You can’t go wrong with that.
      Kind regards,

  • WilliamAWiliams

    I just purchased the unlimited plan because the online storage is limited. As far as setting the file size limit, I was only able to set it for 1 GB not 5 GB as indicated in this thread. Did I purchase the wrong plan?

    • sharathreddy

      Apparently they changed their policy on that. There is something called “instant drag and drop backup” it means that if you put your file manually into the JustCloud is will backup files of up to 5GB for free. If you want the automated version you will have to purchase an upgrade. This could be useful if the large file you are working on is changing a lot.
      Mostly this is not needed so you should try the drag and drop backup. The automatic backup will kick in for files of 1GB in size.

  • JeffreyLVogel

    Hi Sharath,
    Thanks a lot. Syncing seems to be a good point that makes me believe JustCloud. But does not sync only a single folder like Dropbox? Or can it sync several folders independently like SugarSync or Syncplicity? In JustCloud can I select what folders I want to sync? That’s a vital difference for my needs. I use Syncplicity accurately because I can sync any folder without having to “move” it to Dropbox-like folder. So in this situation of syncing is JustCloud more like Dropbox or more like SugarSync/Syncplicity?

    • sharathreddy

      Hello ……….
      Unfortunately, JustCloud can sync only one folder, as a result it is more Dropbox or Google Drive. If highly rely on sync I would consider a combo between a syncing provider ( SugarSync, Google Drive, Syncplicity or another) and a backup provider such as JustCloud. But this highly depends on how much data you have to backup.
      Btw. JustCloud just bumped up their file size limit to 5GB.

  • EugeneCMcCall

    Super post! I am a newbie to SEO and your article depicts exactly my situation. I have read your article seamless. I amazed with JuatCloud data security. Actually I need to make sure that nobody can spy on my data. Particularly when I have sensitive files those are crucial to my business or personal use. Hackers are everywhere, and as a Windows user my PC is prone to attack. However, in many cases the best security isn’t important a dime if I don’t choose my passwords wisely. For that it is important to set up a secure password when I will register for JustCloud or any other service. Sharath your sharing knowledge is good. I have really learned new things via your article and one other thing I’d really like to say sharathreddy.com is an Awesome website. Congratulation Sharath !!!!

  • WilsonERobert

    It’s good to be reminded that sometimes that basics are the basics for a reason. Love the line about writing content that people actually want to read. JustCloud is a powerful and easy-to use online backup service. Since its an unlimited backup solution I certainly get my money’s worth for only $4.95 per month if I choose the biannual plan. JustCloud doesn’t give me false sense of security; it just protects my files well, using industry standard encryption. I am looking for a hassle-free online backup solution so I like it very much because JustCloud a free try to see whether it fits my needs. The good thing is I am not committed, and I can test the service for 14 days. Sharath your informative article is a very motivating and radiant.

  • ArthurLThurman

    Sharath I want to ask, JustCloud has any iPhone or iPad app?

    • sharathreddy

      Good question. Yes there is, JustCloud now has an iOS in the Apple App Store. The app is native to both iPhone and iPad.

  • Jura Kendrik

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