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Creating Virtual Cloud Servers On NephoScale

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NephoScale is a provider offering cloud based Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). They enable Virtual servers to be created in their servers. A virtual server is typically one of the many virtual machines that run on a single computer. Although different virtual servers may run on the same physical computer, they function like separate physical computers. Each server is configured to run its own software using its own defined system configuration. Cloud virtual servers scale to increase resources as demand increases. The resources include CPU, RAM and Storage facilities.

Advantages of using cloud virtual servers:

  • They are suitable development and testing platforms requiring short term use.
  • Using pre-packaged and updated server images you can create cloud servers running on Linux or Windows operating systems with ease.
  • Payment is based on hourly usage.

NephoScale homepage is at http://www.nephoscale.com/

There are two virtual servers available for signup at NephoScale.

Cloudlet Virtual Servers

Each server comes with:

  • Linux or Windows platforms to choose from.
  • Free Licensing of Windows operating system
  • Billing is made on an hourly basis. A 50% off given to annual membership
  • RAM of up to 32GB and 16 Virtual CPUs available

Cloudlet virtual server available and their pricing is as below

Cloudlet virtual server pricing is as below

Other Pricing notes

  • In Data Transfer is done for FREE
  • Out Data Transfer is done at a charge of $0.10/GB
  • The monthly charge is based on a 730 hours/month usage for duration of 30 days.
  • There is a separate billing for outbound data transfer.

BareMetal dedicated servers

It is suitable for application requiring high performance machines. Offer a significant performance advantage over cloudlet virtual servers. BareMetal dedicated servers are single-tenant standalone physical servers. They are not shared and have one server per user. There is an option to order for a server with solid state drives (SSD) which increase performance.Server types available for BareMetal

Server pricing

NephoScale offers a cloud based storage platform called the ObjectStor cloud storage. It compliments the storage needs for the cloudlet virtual servers and Baremetal Dedicated servers. Storage space scales as required.

Storage pricing

The following tutorial is for signing up and setting up a cloudlet virtual server.

To start off, you need to register for a NephoScale account. On the upper right corner of the homepage, there is a signup button. Click on it to begin the signup process. This opens a page where you enter your account credentials. A valid phone number is required. An automated call-back is made for verification.

Billing information is also required. A valid credit card is required for this process.

You are then required to accept the terms and conditions for the services you are about to sign up for.

If accepted, you can proceed with the registration by clicking on the SUBMIT button. A page opens where you enter a 4-digit verification code that is received through a phone call.

After verification, a success page opens

Click here to sign in to the NephoScale portal and create the server. Valid username and password required.

Opens the NephoScale dashboard.

Click on the Server tab. We are going to create a cloud server. Since we do not have a server yet, click on new to create one.

A page opens where you enter specifications for the server you want to create. The configuration part expects one to specify the instance size in terms of RAM, processor type and storage. I will use 1GB, 1Core, 50GB size.

Then you need to select the operating system you prefer for your server. I will select Windows Server 2008 64-bit

Then you will assign the server name and server hostname. You will also be required to choose access type. I will use the password option

The following options are addresses assigned to the server automatically.

Clicking on submit creates your server. Click on cloud server tab and then refresh the page. You will see the server you just created on the server list.

To get the password for your server, go to keys tab under Server, select the server you wish to view the password and then click on the view tab.

The password to your account is displayed. This is the password you will use while connecting to your server.

You will now need to connect to your server. For windows the Remote Desktop Connection is recommended. To open go to start >Accessories >Remote Desktop Connection

The Remote Desktop Connection dialog opens. Click on the Advanced tab. Click on the Settings button

The Server settings dialog opens. Select the second option where you will specify the Gateway server settings. This is the private IP address used by your server.

Click on ok button to save the settings.

On the General tab enter the computer name as the public address assigned to your server.

Use ‘Administrator’ as the user name and click connect

Windows Security dialog opens where you enter the server password. The one we got from the keys tab.

Remote Desktop - Enter Username Password

And the connection begins

Remote Desktop Connecting

And the remote desktop loads.

Remote Desktop Loads

For more information on connecting to server using other Operating Systems click here.

Overall advantage of using Infrastructure-as-a-service is the cutting of cost in running personal servers which would require expensive hardware and high maintenance cost. Other providers of IaaS include cloudsigma, rackspace.

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  • RobertKBarnes

    You are right NephoScale’s infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) technology includes cloud servers, on-demand dedicated services and object-based cloud storage powered by its own programmatic interface, called CloudScript , to give user management capabilities. This looks like an awesome way to keep track of how your content is getting shared Sharath.

  • SimsDJames

    A server is a great important subject of creating a website. There are thousands of server services online. Like you Sharath, I like NephoScale Cloud Computing Service. It is a virtual server service. This is a great technique that on only one server, many virtual servers can be used. Thanks Sharath for informing about this totally apiece service.

  • VivianRSimpson

    NephoScale gives a great service of cloud computing. That’s why it is great. It helps to make hands-on cloud infrastructure service easy. Anyone is allowed to sign up free and get 256 MB disk space for startup. It also gives a long time to be experienced- 1 year! I don’t know any other service that gives such service to be experienced. Every starter should use this NephoScale. Great and positive post, Sharath Reddy.

  • CharlesSRossiter

    Sharath, first of all, I want to thank you that you have helped me to know a lot about NephoScale. But I don’t know how much disk space will I get and for how long? I would be greatly helped if you informed me about that.

    • sharathreddy

      Good question. You will get
      *256 MB of cloud server and 1 GB disk space
      *1 year free trial.
      Happy cloud computing.

  • JasonNHastings

    I like cloud computing like you, Sharath. NephoScale is leading the next generation of cloud computing hosting technology. They have assembled an A+ team of experts, have built an incredible platform, and have fanatical 24×7 customer support with flexible pricing programs. They are great people to work with and be associated with. Loved how you’re using NephoScale to sharathreddy.com with positive user experience.

  • WilliamMRomano

    Sharath, I am very interested to know more about NephoScale. It works with the virtual server system. I know that virtual server works as virtual PC but there must be some difference. I would like to request you to give detailed information on how NephoScale Virtual Server works.

    • sharathreddy

      Hard question, of course. It should be easy for you to understand as you know about virtual PC. Virtual server works like virtual PC. On one server, different virtual servers are created. They all work like an independent server. They all share same RAM, CPU and Disk Storage. This all work is done on only one server. But from one place, thousands of virtual servers can’t stay. So they have different server services in different places and control all servers through the centre.
      Hope you have got your answer.

  • EvanMGutierrez

    Hello Sharath I know that NephoScale offers us two type contracts as one is Memberships and another is Prepayments . Please will you give me a clear idea about this?

    • sharathreddy

      Memberships contracts can be purchased for a small upfront fee to receive an inexpensive rate for cloud servers that have the related service type. The contracts are self-determining of instantiated cloud servers of the service type. With the purchase of a contract you receive an allowance of discounted price hours for the service type. The economical price hours can be applied to multiple cloud server instances, and they are not fixed to a specific server instance.
      Prepayment contracts can be purchased for a yearly prepayment fee to receive a discounted price equal to 2 free months. With the purchase of the contract you receive an inexpensive price of $0/month for the service type. The discounted price is not fixed to a specific service instance. The discounted price hours can be applied to multiple devoted server instances, and they are not tied to a specific server instance.
      Note: Membership contracts are not instantly applied. Once you have ordered a membership contract it will be become accessible on the next anniversary day of your account. Membership contracts are not prorated.

  • VernonEErickson

    Great post and great explanation Sharath.You mentioned about Cloud virtual server available and their pricing. My question will you explain about 1- Year Free Trial? Sharath it is very essential to know about that for me.

    • sharathreddy

      Thanks …….NephoScale propose a free one year trial. By signing up for NephoScale you will receive a set of agreement which will be applied to specific NephoScale service types at each billing period. The CS025 Cloud server is free. Additional agreement will give you free allotments for service types with an overage billing type. If you exceed the allotment provided for in the contract, then standard NephoScale pricing will apply. I think this information will be helpful for you.

  • MildredRLuster

    Actually I think BareMental application is critical to me and I have no good idea about that. In this guide I have learned how to provision and manage my BareMetal dedicated servers on the NephOS platform using the customer portal. BareMental dedicated servers offer a great of security isolation and price to performance ratio, and they come equipped with SSD for high IO database application. How nicely you show the way a hard application and your showing way is very easy and tremendous!

  • RobertVRichey

    Reading your post I have learned many activities of NephScale . Among those activities I surprised about its 1-Year Free Trial option because receiving their advantage offer I can take a decision is it useful or not for me. So Sharath my question what advantage I will get when I will signup in the NephScale account. Actually I want to know details about it. Can you help me?

    • sharathreddy

      You asked a very useful question. After signup in NephoScale account you will receive one server contract, one network transfer contract, and four storage slice contracts. The server contract allows you to instantiate one CS025 Cloudlet virtual server for one year. The network transfer contract allows up to 50GB outbound Internet transfer per month. The four storage slice contracts allow you to store 5GB of object data per month, 50GB of outbound Internet transfer per month, 10,000 GET requests per month, and 1,000 PUT requests per month.
      Note: If you recived the allotments applied in the freemium contracts, then standard NephoScale pricing will apply to any overages. Thanks

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