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Registering for Amazon Web Services and using the EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) Service

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The Amazon Web Services is a bunch of web services. These services together form a cloud computing platform accessed over the Internet. For a full list of services and products offered click here. The home page is at http://aws.amazon.com

You need to sign up for an account. You will require a valid email address. You will select the new user option.

Opens a page where you enter your login credentials i.e. the username, valid email address and password.

This takes you to a page where you enter your personal information. You are also required to read the terms of use. Make sure to enter valid information as this information will be used for mailing.

It then takes you through a process where you are required to enter payment methods for services offered. A valid credit card is required during this process.

Then you go through the identity verification by telephone. You enter your telephone number and an automated call is made to that number. You have to dial some digit code that will be displayed on the screen.

If successful, you will be verified and are allowed to continue

Clicking on continue opens a confirmation page. It is through this process that your payment method is verified and your account is activated. Until activated you cannot purchase any service. An email is sent confirming the activation or any problems encountered.

After that you need to sign in again. Opens your account home page showing all the services you have access to.

We will use the Amazon Elastic compute cloud (EC2). It is a service that allows renting of virtual computers where users run their own computer applications. It supports running applications on Linux or Windows operating system whichever you choose for your instance. A new account has access to a free 750 hours of instance processing. Pricing is based on an instance-hour that is consumed by an instance, this is calculated from the time the instance is launched to the time it is terminated. The awsmarketplace offers preconfigured software for easy ec2 startup.

All software has its own charge per hour. I will go to the operating system category to choose the operating system I want for my instance. I will choose windows server 2012 RTM. Use the operating system filter for fast sorting.

This opens a page where I can view the details of the OS I am installing. I have the opportunity to test it before signing up for it. You must have an activated account to make purchases. You can view the pricing of the instance you will create.

You can then launch your instance of windows 2012 server. You can now run whichever software you wish on the windows platform using this instance created. All the processing is done over the cloud. It scales up and down depending on usage. There is no limit to applications one can run as long as you are able to pay the bill.

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  • RaymondDBumpers

    Thanks for sharing your insight. I would agree with you that Amazon EC2 is an excellent solution for a scalable webhosting platform. After following your instruction now I have set up an Amazan account and really I excited that now I can run my application on Linux or Windows operating system whenever I like. Amazon EC2 changes the economics of computing by allowing me to pay only for capacity that I actually use. With its I can easily start and manage my Windows-based instances. Really sharathreddy.com published a motivating article and thanks too.

  • LCurtisPrice

    Sharath Reddy I have a little knowledge about AWS but your easy description makes me sense what an advantage of AWS. AWS helps developers and business leaders quantify the economic benefits of cloud computing. It enables me to eliminate the need for costly hardware and the administrative pain. With AWS I can reduce cost and also improve cash flow whenever I am starting out or operating on a large scale. This means I can begin running my applications on AWS without investing in any infrastructure, software, or hardware. It is awesome thanks sharathreddy.com for this nice post.

    • sharathreddy

      Thank you Lcurtis

  • JefferyRHudspeth

    There are many softwares in the EC2, among those I also like Windows Server 2012 RTM. Because it is essential to help cloud- enable small business and home office. It’s designed helps me to protect my business data and offer me the flexible application. Sharath your article is great and helpful for small and home business operators. Following your instruction and screenshot everyone can install it easily.

  • DonnaRErwin

    With Amazon Web Service I can run almost everything in the cloud from websites and mobile apps, to big data projects and enterprise application. For getting this advantage firstly I need an account on Amazon. Sharath here I see that it is reliable for credit Card holder but many people have no credit card, among those I am one. Any way how to set up a account without a credit card?

    • sharathreddy

      No, you don’t need a credit card to set up the account. What you do to go your account-Manage Addresses and 1-Click Settings. Next click the button to Enter a New Address. Set the address as your default by clicking the link on the address labeled “Click here to make this your 1-click default address”. You may be pressed to associate a credit or debit card with the address, but entering one of these payment methods is not required. After that you apply a gift certificate/card to your account and you are in business.

  • KyleEArviso

    “I am a web developer and I know EC2 is very reliable for me. It is a web service and resizable with cloud computing. I use it to make web-scale easily and help me in controlling of computing resources as well as help me to work faster and easily. Amazon EC2 offers developers the tools to build failure resilient applications and isolate them from the common failure situation. For more information I have searched many website but at last I have found my essential information by visiting sharathreddy.com. There are many develop center but I confused which one is good. Sharath Reddy can you inform me which develop center will be easy and helpful for me?”

  • sharathreddy

    You can use Ruby Developer Center because its all tools, documentation and sample code is useful for you to develop secure, reliable, and scalable Ruby applications on the AWS cloud. With it you can write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. So now you can start easy to build software with the AWS SDK for Ruby library, code samples and documentation.

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