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Using Microsoft Office 365 Suite Cloud Service

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Microsoft Office 365 offers information storage, computation, and software services all hosted and managed on Microsoft servers. Get access to your documents created with Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel from any place with internet connectivity.

Services offered with Microsoft office 365 cloud SignUp.

Office suite Have access to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote from anywhere with internet connection.
Email and calendars Comes with Microsoft Outlook that includes a 25 GB mailbox per registered user, sharing of calendars, and to-to list tools.
Team sites Accessing and sharing documents is made easier.
Web conferencing Has screen sharing and HD video conferencing thus hosting online meetings offering audio and video support is made possible.
Instant messaging Offers instant messaging services.
Reliability The service can be relied upon thus your document are safe and available in the clouds.
Security Security from threats to your document is guaranteed
Administration Easy to use administration tools and no technical knowledge required to set up and use the service.
Support Microsoft offers support to using the product

Click here to go to the office 365 home page.

There are several plans available. For paid subscriptions, a valid credit card is required. I will be signing up for the free trial. This loads an account creation page. A valid email address required for this process. A valid phone number is also required where your password information is sent in case you forget. You will sign up for a one month free trial account. I will use Chrystal quality solution as our company name and techyv as my user ID. This creates an account with the user ID [email protected]

A message containing your credentials is sent to your email. It then opens the account dashboard. From here you can manage all of your activities. We will be creating a word document in the cloud. We start off by clicking on SkyDrive link located at the top of the page.

This starts an automatic setup of the drive. It may take some while so be patient. It then loads an interface where you manage your documents. From here, you can opt to create, edit or delete files. You can manage the various folders in your account like sharing.

Click on new document link. Select to open a Word document. One is able to create Word documents, excel workbook and PowerPoint presentation files. You can also upload existing files from your local drive.

Enter the name of the document you will create. I name mine as techyv and a file by the name techyv.docx file is created.

A word processor opens the techyv.doc with all the word processing tools required to get your document ready.

Type the content you want on the file and click on File. On the drop down menu, click on save

And it saves. This document can be accessed from anywhere with internet connectivity. It can also be accessed simultaneously by two or more people using the paid plans. Once you are finished click on the account link name located on the upper left corner to go back.

The syncdrive is loaded. The document we just created is already listed in our files list.

The “Find a file” tool included will assist in locating your files; thus fast access.

Microsoft office 365 offers the ability to work virtually from anywhere, share documents with ease, offer security to documents and has anti-spam and anti-malware protection. Other services such as email and conferencing platform are available.

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  • EdwardMMundt

    “Sharath brilliant article, great to see someone put so effort into sharathreddy.com.After reading through the entire post I am so excited and you are right that the Microsoft Office 365 is the hero. The Office is now subscription service, providing me with even more ways to stay productive and connected no matter where I am working. With Office as a subscription I can rely on always having the latest version of my trusted applications( Word, PowerPoint, Excel and more) and access to my documents where and when I need them. Really this post is very meaningful and thoughtful for a business owner.”

  • JeremyVMartinez

    “I am trying to activate Office for Mac with my Office 365 subscription, but when I try to sign in, it just gives me the following error:
    “ Sorry, there was a problem while trying to connect to your account. (Error code: 0xd0001000)’’ I have tried uninstalling / re-installing , changing the region in system preferences, and some other steps I’ve seen on the internet but I still get the same error. Any help would be great Sharath.”

    • sharathreddy

      Firstly you need to change the computer name contains symbols like &, , you will need to change the name to fix the error.
      To change the computer name follow this system:
      1. Go to System Preferences.
      2. Then Click the Sharing icon.
      3. Type in the new Mac computer name.
      5. Close System Preferences.
      Now try activate Office, I hope problem is not occour anymore.

  • DGaryReed

    MS Office 365 is a comprehensive mixture of applications and solutions provided by Microsoft. Accessing my enterprise software over the internet has some big advantage. For one, all I need is my computer- desktop, laptop, Tablet or phone- and an Internet connection or phone coverage. Because I know that this software is running in a Microsoft data center, my simply connect to the Internet to access the software. Sharing is good. I am happy to see this website. Your educated post is Awesome Sharath Reddy. Your post has cleared some of my doubts.

  • MichaelCFarnsworth

    Sharath I am facing a problem that is my calendar folder shows 30 unread items. I want to mark them all. How I will do? Right clicking on the folder does not have the Mark all read option like the email folders. And the Mark all Read Quick access toolbar action does nothing w/ calendar items either. Please help me.

    • sharathreddy

      Thanks and I am giving you a solution. Try changing the view to unread only, that should display the unread ones only. Click on in Calendar> View> View Settings> Filter> More Choice.

  • EdithPBateman

    I know that there are many applications among those I especially say about Word Web App. With this I can use my web browser to create, view, and edit the personal documents that I store on SkyDrive. If my organization or college has an Office 365 or SharePoint site, start using Word Web App by creating or storing documents in libraries on my site. By sharing my document is online; I can share it by sending a link instead of an email attachment. As a result People can read it in their web browser or mobile device. To get this advantage it is important to sign up an account and Sharath you have done a great job of describing how one will access to this account.

  • FredADenker

    Thanks for the nice post. I tried to install Office 2013 or Office 365 Home Premium on my PC through office.com/setup. When I typed in my product key I got this error message”
    “This Product Key has already been redeemed. A Product Key can only be used once to set up your Microsoft Account. Please go to http://www.office.com/myaccount to sign in and install Office.”
    I have checked and I don’t have Office installed on my PC . Why am I getting this error and how can I fix it? Sharat Reddy will you share your knowledge with me?

    • sharathreddy

      This message become visible when the product key has already been used to install Office. If you see the error, sign into http://www.office.com/myaccount with the Microsoft account you used during the first install. Once you’re on the My Account page, you’ll have an Install button you can use to download and install Office. If you have several Microsoft accounts, it’s vital you keep in mind the specific Microsoft account you used. Signing into the wrong account will lead to this message:
      “It looks like you don’t have Office yet. Do you want to visit the Store to get a copy?”
      If you get this message, you should try to sign in with one of your other Microsoft accounts.
      Hope this helps!

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